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Health subcommittees merge Jackson County Community Health Team or JCCHAT subcommittees Tobacco Committee and the Substance Abuse Committee merge into the Jackson County Tobacco Alcohol Substance Committee or TASC

Altus Times - 2/28/2017

The Tobacco Alcohol Substance Committee or TASC, formerly known as the Substance Committee and Tobacco Education Committee held its first consolidated meeting Monday at the Jackson County Health Department.

The TASC is tasked with working to decrease abuse and use of substances, either illegal or legal, in adults and youth in the county.

Rosalyn Hall, chair of TASC presented the minutes for the Tobacco Committee and the Substance Abuse Committee. The combined members approved the minutes from both Jackson County Community Health Team or JCCHAT subcommittees before moving on to new business.

With prom season approaching, Dennie Christian from the Oklahoma State Department of Health asked what measures were taken to inform high school students, staff, and parents about the dangers of underage drinking at the event. With the help of Kim Booker from the Wichita Mountain Prevention Network, the committee members seek to create materials that will address the risk to teens who make the decision to drink and drive.

“I’ve seen demonstrations of what can happen in those situations that had an impact on how students thought about this,” Christian said. “Underage drinking is an important topic to address for our teenagers’ safety.”

Looking ahead, the committee has begun planning an open streets event that will coincide with Walking on Chalk, a free public event that encourages children to register and participate in a chalk art contest from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.March 26.

There are plans for the event to feature booths with activities for children, adults and seniors that focus on physical fitness, healthy snacks and local vendors to promote healthy habits and lifestyle choices.

“We planned for 15 booths,” Victoria Cleveland said. “Our map right now has 24. No one we’ve asked to come has turned us down.”

During the Annual Walking on Chalk Arts Festival, Quartz Mountain Putt-Putt, therapy animals and a bike trail are just a few of the activities scheduled to participate in the open streets event.


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