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OHS participates in basketball fundraiser for special olympics

Owasso Reporter - 5/2/2017

On Friday, April 28, Owasso High School held its 10th Annual Special Olympics Basketball Fundraiser, Students vs. Teachers.

This fundraiser, among others held throughout the year, helps special needs students fund a three-day trip to the State Special Olympics, which will be held at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater May 17-19.

"This year, we are taking around 150 athletes and mentors," Susan St. John, special needs coordinator, said. "This trip is expensive; we needed to raise $17,000 this year."

Before the basketball game started, the group had raised around $15,000; all of these funds come from donations and the fundraiser.

"We've held pancake breakfasts, a rummage sale, and other smaller fundraisers," Stephani Barger, special needs teacher, said. "We start at the beginning of the year, because (the money) has to be raised by our team."

The biggest expense the team faces is lodging and food.

"We don't ever want to charge parents or students for anything," St. John said. "We make sure that the team can cover all the expenses for every student."

St. John and Barger said each year the basketball fundraiser brings in around $1,000 to $1,500 for the Special Olympics team.

"The total for this year was $2,033; that's a record for this event," St. John said. "We are so grateful to have the support of our community and staff."

This year, the Owasso Fraternal Order of Police made a surprise visit to the classroom.

"Officer Travis Harris, Lt. Nick Boatman, and Detective Ben Wolery presented us with a check for $2,800," St. John said. "Every year we hope and pray we raise the funds we need, and every year something unexpected and awesome happens."

The team has been completely funded and will enjoy three days of competition later this month. Students will stay in the OSU dorm rooms and be treated to a meal at Eskimo Joe's while in Stillwater.


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