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Signs of untreated infection (kids)

Cohasset Mariner - 5/12/2017

Signs of untreated infection (kids)

n Kids don’t complain as much about physical symptoms, but will come across as whiny, difficult, anxious, distracted, or fatigued. They may get angry more easily.

n Sudden onset of psychiatric issues like obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, or ADHD.

n Sudden onset of movement disorders that may resemble Tourette’s.

n If there is a psychiatric cause for these symptoms, that will be treated first. But if the symptoms don’t make sense (have no apparent trigger) and are not responding to treatment, it’s worth getting tested for an untreated infection.

Signs of untreated infection (adults)

n Fatigue, inattention, depression, aches and pains, joint pain

n Risk factor: has this person been exposed to a lot of ticks?

n Chronic sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes

n Waking up in pain every day? Don’t just attribute it to the aging process, says Monarch. “It’s not normal. 40, 50, 60 is not old.”


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