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Deseret News - 5/16/2017

Our son, Kevin, was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 1/2 years old. The experts recommended that he start preschool right away, which he did. Putting such a little boy on a school bus was heart wrenching, but we got through it, and thus began our experience in the world of "special education."

For the past 15 years it has been our great privilege to associate with a wide variety of special education professionals in the Alpine School District who have served our son and family in life-altering ways. We have learned that special educators are truly exceptional people. If you ever want to feel close to heaven, visit one of their classrooms, and you will find angels on earth - both the teachers and the students. Their salaries are modest, the expectations are high, they are frequently under-resourced and they sometimes have to deal with difficult parents. Through it all, they keep loving and serving the children, not because it pays a lot, but because it makes a real difference in the lives of some very special children who need extra help.

This year Kevin will graduate from American Fork High School. We wish to express our gratitude to the many special education teachers, classroom aides, peer tutors, administrators, lunchroom workers and bus drivers who have served our son so well for so many years. Thanks to all of you for your incredible service to our family!

Ken and Janet Rodham

Pleasant Grove

Credit: By Janet Rodham For the Deseret News, By Ken Rodham For the Deseret News


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