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Time change can affect mental health

Herald-Citizen - 11/5/2017

Today's time change means it will start getting dark an hour earlier. Plateau Mental Health Director Anne Stamps said the time change can have an affect on our mental health. "The time change affects our Circadian Rhythms," Stamps said. "It's not unusual for some to experience depression." Circadian Rhythms are those biological processes that cause us to feel sleepy and wake up at about the same time every day. Especially moving into the busy and emotional holiday season, people can feel a little down, she said. "It's important to continue your exercise plan, make sure you're getting adequate sleep, and continue to eat a healthy diet," Stamps said. "It's OK to feel the 'winter blahs,' but if it's persistent or consistent, you may need to talk to your doctor or a mental health professional," she said. Stamps said feelings about mental illness need to change. She encourages people to visit the National Institute of Mental Illness website at to learn more about depression. Stamps said mental illness education is important to remove stigmas and to get help to people who need it. "Don't be afraid to say something," she said. "Mental illness is a biologically-based brain disease. People get diabetes and heart disease, those are physically-based and so is mental illness."


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