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Online radio show offers mental health help

Longview News-Journal - 12/24/2017

MIDLAND - A Midland-based online radio show is spreading information about mental health, one broadcast at a time.

The "Eyes on Psych" program offers commentary to the visually impaired and other listeners.

Chris Brown, station manager at Recording Library of West Texas (RLWT), conceived the show more than one year ago. The nonprofit mainly serves people who are blind, and Brown said that population sometimes faces psychological difficulties.

"Some of these people are absolutely alone, and it's nice to have not only a voice of reason, but to get a good laugh out of it from time to time, too," he said.

During 30-minute recordings, some of the insight comes from Lewis Busbee, a local licensed professional counselor. He agreed to participate in the show because he has known Brown for years and thinks the broadcast can help people understand how to cope with depression or anxiety.

"I think it's very valuable, and I think it's good to help people that need help," Busbee said. "Chris made it very clear that a lot of his listeners - they have a disability of one sort or another. Usually they're blind, and they're stuck in (the) house."

Busbee said he has noticed the need for affordable mental health resources locally. He said "Eyes on Psych" shares with listeners the services that are available in the community.

The broadcasts have covered a variety of topics, ranging from addiction to relationships.



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