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The 1999 Buffalo Bills: Where are they now?

Buffalo News - 1/6/2018

Jan. 06--Here are the people pictured in the 1999 Bills team photo:

Front row: Steve Christie, Doug Flutie, Chris Mohr, Alex Van Pelt, Rob Johnson, Jeremy McDaniel, Henry Jones, Manny Martin, Daryl Porter, Antowain Smith, Kurt Schulz, Donovan Greer, Antoine Winfield, Ken Irvin;

Second row: Chris Dickson (offensive quality control), Max Bowman (assistant to the head coach/tight ends), Charlie Joiner (receivers), Turk Schonert (quarterbacks), Bishop Harris (running backs), Carl Mauck (offensive line), Joe Pendry (offensive coordinator), Wade Phillips (head coach), Ralph C. Wilson (president), John Butler (executive vice president/general manager), Ted Cottrell (defensive coordinator), John Levra (defensive line), Bill Bradley (defensive backs), Chuck Lester (linebackers), Bruce DeHaven (special teams), Rusty Jones (strength and conditioning), Rich Gray (conditioning assistant);

Third row: Dr. Thomas White (team physician), Dr. Andrew Cappuccino (team physician), Thomas Smith, Keion Carpenter, Lennox Gordon, Sam Gash, Thurman Thomas, Jonathan Linton, Brian Edwards, Shawn Bryson, Joe Cummings, John Holecek, Keith Newman, Jay Foreman, Bud Carpenter (head athletic trainer), Dr. John Marzo (team physician);

Fourth row: Greg McMillen (assistant athletic trainer), Dave Hojnowski (equipment manager), Sam Cowart, Marlo Perry, Sam Rogers, Jerry Ostroski, Dusty Zeigler, Bill Conaty, Victor Allotey, Marcus Spriggs, John Fina, Joe Panos, Randy Ribbeck (assistant equipment manager), Melvin Lewis (assistant athletic trainer);

Fifth row: Henry Kunttu (video director), Jamie Nails, Marcellus Wiley, Ethan Albrighht, Robert Hicks, Bruce Smith, Ruben Brown, Eric Moulds, Peerless Price, Kevin Williams, Andre Reed, Bobby Collins, Greg Estes (video assistant);

Sixth row: Dwight Adams (director of player personnel), Jay Riemersma, Sheldon Jackson, Kamil Loud, Phil Hansen, Shawn Price, Ted Washington, Pat Williams, Dan Brandeburg, Geno Bell, Sean Moran, Gabe Northern, A.J. Smith (director of pro personnel);

Seventh row: Dennis Lynch (director of public/community relations), Jan Eberle (director of guest services & event management), Jeff Fernandez (director of marketing partnerships), Marc Honan (director of marketing communications), Russ Brandon (vice president development & marketing), Scott Berchtold (vice president of communications), Linda Bogdan (corporate vice president), Bill Duffy (executive vice president, administration), Christy Wilson Hofmann (director of merchandising), Bill Munson (vice president, operations), Jim Overdorf (director of business operations), Bill Bambach (director of security), June Foran (ticket director), Jerry Foran (director of ticket sales), Joe Frandina (engineering and operations manager), George Koch (director of stadium operations); Not pictured: Raion Hill.

Where are they now?

They're coaches, business owners and financial advisors; educators, trainers and media members.

Some are no longer with us. Here is a look at where selected players, coaches and executives are now (information provided by the Bills and Dennis Lynch, former Bills' director of public and community relations).


--Ethan Albright, high school coach in Greensboro, N.C.

--Ruben Brown, TV/Radio personality, philanthropist.

--Keion Carpenter, deceased.

--Steve Christie, vice president of creative at Fieldhouse Foods LLC.

--Bill Conaty, lawyer and NFL contract advisor for Eastern Athletic Services.

--Sam Cowart, financial advisor.

--John Fina, clinical sales at Intuitive Surgical Inc.

--Doug Flutie, philanthropist, television analyst for Notre Dame football.

--Jay Foreman, president of the Foreman Foundation.

--Donovan Greer, owner of Pro Dynamic Fitness and 713 Juice Bar in Houston.

--Phil Hansen, North Dakota State color commentator, high school official.

--Robert Hicks, founder of Tackles for Life; former educator at Fulton County (Ga.) schools.

--John Holecek, coach at Loyola High School (Chicago).

--Ken Irvin, real estate development and owner of a trucking company.

--Rob Johnson, quarterback instructor.

--Henry Jones, personal training and strength coach in Stone Mountain, Ga.

--Emanuel Martin, high school football coach.

--Chris Mohr, vice president and COO of Chemical Research Association; lives in Georgia.

--Jamie Nails, CEO of Tough As Nails Foundation.

--Gabe Northern, Principal owner at Zoo-ology Sports Marketing & Consulting.

--Jerry Ostroski, radio talk show host and coach in Tulsa.

--Marlo Perry, math tutor at UB.

--Daryl Porter, special education teacher at Broward County (Fla.) schools.

--Shawn Price, supervisor at UPS.

--Andre Reed, founder of Andre Reed Foundation and Read With Reed; lives in San Diego.

--Jay Riemersma, senior director of development at Family Research Council.

--Kurt Schulz, wealth management advisor at Merrill Lynch in Buffalo.

--Antowain Smith, athletic performance trainer.

--Bruce Smith, Legends Energy Group and other business ventures; lives in Virginia Beach, Va..

--Thomas Smith, CEO, Property Management Inc.

--Thurman Thomas, founder of Legends Energy Group.

--Alex Van Pelt, quarterbacks coach for Green Bay Packers .

--Ted Washington, owner of Popeye's Chicken franchise in North Carolina.

--Marcellus Wiley, ESPN host and analyst.

--Dusty Zeigler, insurance agent at Allstate.

Executives and team officials

--Ralph Wilson, deceased.

--John Butler, deceased.

--Russ Brandon, president of Pegula Sports enterprises.

--Wade Phillips, defensive coordinator for Los Angeles Rams.

--Denny Lynch, retired in Williamsville.

--Jeff Fernandez, vice president for business development and ventures, New York Jets.

--Marc Hona, marketing consultant in Orchard Park.

--Scott Berthtold, consultant with Bills.

--Linda Bogdan, deceased, daughter of Ralph Wilson.

--Christy Wilson, lives in Florida, daughter of Ralp Wilson.

--Bill Munson, retired in Orchard Park.

--Jim Overdorf, Bills senior vice president of football administration.

--Bill Bambach, deceased.

--June Foran, retired in Florida.

--Jerry Foran, deceased.

--Joe Frandina, Bills' director of construction management.

--George Koch, deceased.

--Bruce DeHaven, deceased.

--Chris Dickson, coach at St. Mary's of Lancaster.

--Rusty Jones, retired in New Hampshire.

--Rich Gray, athletic director at Frontier High School


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