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Unhelpful for John Rosemond to deny mental health issues

The Daily Herald - 1/18/2018

As a parent who had to watch her child suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), a living hell, I take extreme exception to John Rosemond'sJan. 15 column "Mental health disorders are not tangible realities."

His "shtick" is being the "cutting-edge" anti-psychology psychologist in our midst. It's like a teacher who does nothing but preach the value of the good ol' switch, from the good ol' days of yore. Every time I read his column, I feel like I'm transported to the Cuckoo's Nest. When my child went through his acute OCD symptoms, I didn't even know what OCD was. I wasn't searching for this specific diagnosis, I just wanted to know why my five year old baby washed his hands in scalding water, why he felt the need to tap his legs 40 times "so he wouldn't go to hell," etc.

Mental disorders are real. Shame on John Rosemond.

Kathleen Reed



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