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Money for mental health care more important than football stadium, turf

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 3/27/2018

A couple of weeks ago, there were two stories side by side on the front page that were deeply disturbing because of their location next to each other. It has taken me awhile to calm down and write this response.

The first story involved the reduction of funding for mental health services. The Republican Legislature does not want to fund anything that resembles a social service. They are so concerned with reducing taxes that they are willing to reduce essential services while offering nothing of substance. If they would honestly look at the tax code they would come to the conclusion that there are way too many exemptions that benefit the economic top while doing nothing for the rest of us.

The second story bragged about a $7 million high school stadium and $5.2 million to be spent on new turf at MSU. Really people!!! Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland and all the others have one thing in common, a mentally disturbed shooter. How can we expect to provide a safe environment when we are not willing to redirect our money to where it will actually do some good? This is not rocket science. We need to help these kids so that we do not have to build more prisons or hire more police. 


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