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Boone mayor proclaims 'Autism After 21 Day'

The Mountain Times - 4/20/2018

Two members of LIFE Village, president Jim Taylor and director of development Candace Lang, met with Boone Mayor Rennie Brantz to sign a proclamation declaring April 21 as "Autism After 21 Day" in Boone.

April is autism awareness month and the Boone community is shining a light on adults with autism. One in 59 children have autism spectrum disorder in North Carolina, a disorder which cam make social interaction and communication more deifficult.

During the next decade, more than 500,000 children with autism will be turning 21, and federally mandated services through the school district will end, leaving parents concerned about their children's future.

Many students leave the school system still needing support, but many of those supports are readily available because we don't have the same kind of system in place for adults.

Adults living with autism in our community need education and employment opportunities and housing options to live and be productive members of our community. Parents and organizations that support these individuals encourage all residents of Boone and the surrounding commnity so support, provide opportunities andlearn about the needs of adults with autism spectrum disorder.

To learn more about Autism Awareness Month, visit


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