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Helping those with autism - Brothers team up for Eagle Scout project inspired by sister

The Richfield Reaper - 5/28/2018

When deciding on an Eagle Scout project, it didn't take Braxton and Parker Rappleye long to choose a project near and dear to their hearts.

The boys' sister Aubrei is a fifth grade student in Jeff Raisor's inclusion class at Pahvant Elementary School in Richfield.

Aubrei has autism.

"They love everything about her," said Madilyn Lee, special services coordinator for Sevier School District. "Growing up with Aubrei has opened Braxton and Parker's eyes to individuals with special needs and the amazing impact these kids have on those around them."

Parker built fidget boards to assist special needs students in improving their fine motor skills as well as learning functional skills. He also created a variety of sensory boxes for the students to use throughout the day to help them improve how they process sensory information.

"Many people with autism have difficulties processing information taken in through the senses," Lee said. "A child with a sensory need will find a way to satisfy that need. Having the activities Parker created in our classrooms, will give our students opportunities to play together to meet their sensory needs, as well as creating opportunities to communicate and interact with each other."

"It is so cool to see Aubrei progress through things," Parker said. "I want to help other kids like her."

Both of her brothers said that they've learned more from Aubrei than they could ever teach her.

"She teaches me to always have a smile on my face and always take things one step at a time," Braxton said.

Braxton built desk footrests for students whose feet won't rest comfortably on the floor when they are sitting in chairs.

"These will be great to help our students with healthy muscle function to sit up tall in their chairs," Lee said.

Braxton and Parker expressed appreciation to the donors that contributed the materials for the project.

"This Eagle Scout project will be enjoyed by many students in Sevier School District for years to come," Lee said.


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