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In honor of my milestone, my guest, Stacey Levine-Lavely, fo

Shrewsbury Chronicle - 6/2/2018

In honor of my milestone, my guest, Stacey Levine-Lavely, founder of The Foundation for Autism Acceptance Worldwide, came on my show to talk about her nonprofit. Stacey created her 501(c) 3 organization to promote awareness and acceptance of autism worldwide. In 2016, her son, Jagger then 13 years-old at the time, appeared in the Middle School Talent School show wearing a home-made Olaf costume singing to the tune of this song where he fumbled a few lines and received help with the lyrics from the students in the audience. This clip promoting acceptance went immediately viral on Facebook that was seen all over the world. Two years later, "Now-This" recently put this clip on Facebook in which 10 millions views have seen it. Currently, the Facebook page for Stacey's non-profit has 51,000 followers as well as 5300 comments that were posted for this clip.

Stacey talked about the new initiative being launched called "The Wish Wizard." Its purpose is for her son, Jagger, to give back to his community as he received it that night of the Talent Show. It is open to any school or family that is connected to the autism community and is affected by autism as well. In April during Autism Awareness Month, a member's mother on Jagger's gymnastic team received an "Echo" electronic device to communicate with her family while she is being treated for cancer. Another member received an "Alexa" electronic device to use for dancing and communicating with it at home. Stacey will launch the "Wish Wizard" initiative during the holidays later in the year.

The Foundation for Autism Acceptance Worldwide ultimate's goal is to promote acceptance and support for individuals with autism and other disabilities through awareness, education and community service.

For more information, please check out the website at and its Facebook page:

Robbin Miller is mother to an active almost 8-year-old boy named EJ. Robbin enjoys writing blogs and picture books for children.


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