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Special Olympics Sports Day in Smithers June 16

Smithers Interior News - 6/8/2018

Like many sports in the area, the cost of travel to attend provincial and national level events has become a limiting factor for local Special Olympics athletes.

"We have not done any competitions this year but historically we've gone down to Langley to participate in the provincial competition. They hold a provincial track meet every year but just due to the cost associated with that kind of a trip, we decided that this year we would not attend and instead we would hold this fundraiser to raise money instead," explained Alex Blum-Walker, volunteer and fundraising coordinator for the local Special Olympics group.

"We have to fly because it is just too long for our athletes to drive on the bus. And with everyone being volunteers and having to take so much time off work, it's just not an option. The event lasts about four days. So if we drive it's two days down and two days back," he said.

The group hopes the fundraising activity will become an annual event. The Smithers Special Olympics Sports Day will take place on June 16 and will play host to a number of events.