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Bikers help Austin get his patches

The Gaffney Ledger - 7/7/2018

Motorcycle riders from all over are helping make a dream come true for Austin Frady.

It began with a simple Facebook post from his father, Rick, who wanted to help his 23-year-old autistic son collect patches for his "mo-mo cycle" vest as Austin calls it. His father requested patches for his son's empty vest from the motorcycle community from any state or place in the world.

Autism is a spectrum neurological disorder. The lifelong disability makes it difficult for people to understand language, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors.

Motorcycles is one thing which fascinates Austin.

"He lives for anything motorcycle," Rick Frady wrote in his Facebook post. "With his condition, he will never be able to physically ride himself. It would be an honor for myself and him if he could get patches from the motorcycle community from any state or any place in the world."

Rick provided his home address where patches could be delivered. A thank you card is being sent to all people who have helped in the special project to brighten Austin's day.

The social media post has received more than 10,000 shares over the past two weeks. Patches have been received from states such as Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky.

A 12-year-old and his sister sent their dad's Harley Davidson motorcycle vest from Kentucky this week. Above the iconic company logo, there was a pink ribbon with the message "Cancer Sucks." The siblings wanted Austin to have the father's vest.

An Oklahoma woman sent a motorcycle vest with patches. The vest belonged to a 23- year Navy vet.

"The response has been astronomical," said Deborah Frady, Austin's mother. "He has been receiving letters and packages every day. Austin has been so excited getting all this attention. Now we have been requested by several motorcycle groups and individuals asking if they can ride to Gaffney and personally give Austin patches, stickers, shirts, hats, etc."

Motorcycle clubs are organizing a special bike ride for Austin on July 28.

Patches for his "mo-mo cycle" leather vest is what bikers are delivering.


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